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Hi Zhen and Qiang

China's changing

My name is Henry Mountain and I live in England. I am 16 and have just left school. In September I will be studying multimedia at college in St. Albans near London for two years. Then I hope to continue studying for a degree at the University of Hertfordshire. My favourite subject is art and I am on the gifted and talented list for students. In mid July I was chosen to attend a weeks course at the University of Hertfordshire called Escalator Futures which I really enjoyed.

During the week the art tutors gave us information about your project and exhibition 'Field of Vision'.

My vision of China called 'China's changing' portrays the journey from the cultural revolution of Chairman Mao to the commercial revolution taking place today. Rather than applauding the armed forces parading, Chairman Mao now appears to be clapping along to his favourite ipod tune - which I think would be David Bowie's 'China Girl'? The flat red background represents the communist ideals but could easily be part of the unmistakable ipod visual identity. The ipod itself is a worldwide iconic symbol of youth culture today.

I believe this is a very simple image but with a powerful message of how I see China changing.

I've attached 4x versions and hope you'll include one of them in your exciting exhibition.


Henry Mountain

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021