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In China there are many Online-Gaming Workshops that hire people to play online games such as World of Warcraft (WoW) day and night. The gaming workers produce in-game currency, equipments, and whole characters that are sold to American Gamers via Ebay. These people are called „Chinese Gold Farmers".

Metallic - Alternative Energy Sources - Trade Agreements - Ghostbuster, Roaming - Steel, sugar and services - Consumer-made content and value - 1500 Gold $ 131.99 - close Internet cafés in Beijing to prevent the spread of SARS - Modified sees/crop, hydrogen – The Myspace angle – Media Hacking – prepaid Pass9 - a group of WOW players in China committed mass suicide, virtual die-ins – Taxes, copyright and Freedom of Speach, in game civil rights - Unions fighting Louis Vuitton living oceanfront - Boomtimes in Kuala Lumpur – Kaogma Festival - Megaphone diplomacy - New cartoon uproar

The future is now!

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021