Jany, Shanghai - China

Now China has rapidly developed, it meets Expo and the Chinese have busy life. So I photoed the model of dragon with the words of Expo. And I photoed many bus tickets, it means every day, the Chinese go to work and study by bus, they have regular and busy life.

And with the development in China, China more and more focus on the education of civilization, in the streets and on the newspaper, I always see some slogan about: Make our city life more wonderful, make our city to be civilized.etc.

I took the photo of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is because it's the symbol of Shanghai, if you're a foreigner you can also know it's the photo of China and I photoed it in the night is because the most beautiful thing is Shanghai nights.

I also took a photo of Lanzhou pulled noodles, it's one of the specials in China. In Shanghai everywhere you can see Lanzhou pulled noodles and this kinds of restaurants are all in the same style.

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021