Philip Wallace, Gillingham - UK

I haven't yet visited China so any views or images I have of the place and the people have a basis in films I have seen (by directors such as Lou Ye and Zhang Yimou), BBC documentaries on television in the UK, images in newspapers, and the work of artists.

The country, and the society, is undergoing a building process. In my images, I have used architectural references to reflect this. The use of the architecture model figures has several references: the people themselves are part of the building process, sometimes whether they like it or not, and it is a significant factor that the people are linked. This has two sides: the people can feel constrained, yet there is potential of a strength in unity to affect change. Whether artists, or farmers, these are the people who are important. Important to each other, and important in any future development.

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021