Barry Hughes, Dublin; Republic of Ireland


The images I have submitted to Field of Vision: Beijing are all of objects placed on a red table cloth. I chose a table-cloth to represent China’s worldwide association with food and dining, as well as for the rich red colour that is associated with China’s national flag and of course politics. The objects placed on the cloth are all representative of China in some way- from the dog skull referring to the Zodiac calendar (2006 is the year of the dog), to the see-hear-speak no evil monkeys (a common traditional Asian symbol), to the Chinese flag whereby the stars are constructed from chop sticks and match sticks (referring to food and industry).


My practice incorporates several philosophies concerned with the process of Time and its resulting effects on the physical world while simultaneously exploring the concept of Everydayness through the idea of the non-place, and by extension the non-state of the individual. My work treats each subject, whether person, object or location as an equivalent thus reinforcing the concept of Time as a supreme leveller. The images produced can be read as poetic metaphors, which subvert the meaning of time and space through the non-linear/non-narrative presentation of the work. My practice involves “standard” digital media and technical equipment, i.e. miniature handheld cameras, at most levels of creation/production as a conscious regard for the democratic principle and nature of the photographic medium as a whole.

Barry W. Hughes / Bahs

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021