Cassandra Schultz - Australia

White Colonials returning to Britain have been referred to as:
"parvenus, cultural incompetents, morally suspect, and indeed 'fictive' Europeans, somehow distinct from the real thing." *

As an Australian child, I lived and traveled in Asia....but I have never been to China.

This self portrait as Chairmain Mao is from a series of hand bound books and inspired by a popular childhood game in Australia known as Chinese whispers, where a sentence is whispered from child to child seated in a circle. The last child says out loud what they have heard; always entirely different to what was originally whispered.

*Anne Laura Stoler, Race and the Education of Desire: Foucoult's "History of Sexuality" and the Colonial Order of Things (Durnham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1995) p102

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