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Attached are 2 images for your Field of Vision in Beijing - they were taken on a visit to Beijing in 1990. I lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for 10 years and have fond memories of Chinese people from those times. These images are favourites of mine which I hope you like too. The second image includes references to one of Chinese people's obsessions - food - I wrote the following about this


I worked with Cindy Lau in our offices in Hong Kong overlooking Causeway Bay. When I arrived early in the morning she would be eating something out of a pot. Around 11.00 she would have a “little snack” before lunch. At around one-o-clock our Chinese staff would disappear for a meal together at one of the many local restaurants. In mid afternoon there was another “little something” before going home to a family meal followed by a night time snack. Although I could not understand why most Chinese people stayed so slim, after a while I realised this was quite normal.

Brought up in the Sixties our great fear was that the Chinese people would one day march westward until all Europe fell under their rule. Just why they should do this nobody could explain but, at the time, there was a general paranoia about China. Once I understood that Chinese people needed to eat not only well but frequently I realised that our fears were groundless. Why would any Chinese person leave China, the best country in the world, to go somewhere where you might not like the food!

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