Xper Xr, Hong Kong, not China

Birds eat man

Yes, in China, birds eat people. I know this because my mama went to the good old mainland to pay her respect to the good old lamas, you know those skinheads living in the holes in fancy dresses mumbling stuff that no body understands and therefore Chinese people in general think these drag skin heads possessed supernatural funky power. You see they can save money on a proper burial too, and since anything can be eaten in China so why not? Look at that fat bird!

But the best thing is that I can submit these images to you and under the banner of this pseudo art project as Field of Vision (what does it mean exactly? Is mine tunnel?) I can even give you all the guffs that is not related to any critical context because frankly, since when do they have one in China, or more to the point, do they ever care enough to have one? And when we all think there's an art bloom in China and artists and galleries gladly and blindly joined in the bandwagon that is not going ANYWHERE SPECIFIC, that all the terminology or concepts and la-di-da is all employed out of context and without any apparent logic, just so the Chinese can have an orgy of gay art with the rest of the civilised world and feel gay about it. This lack of respect, history, tradition and ultimately, a GOOD REASON in practicing contemporary art is, well, tantamount to fucking for virginity or setting the alarm clock so one can wake up in time to take the sleeping pills.

These pictures illustrated, in a striking way, the consumption of human(ity) by the beasts, in our fun loving super modernistic China. And there's a lot of red colour in it as you like it. The heart of the problem is, can art really be used in such a way as to decoratively and elegantly transform the fundamentally bizarre social sickness in the hope of redefining CHINA? Perhaps. They did say if you throw enough money into a fire you can eventually.... burn a lot of money!

P.S. I've saved the eyeballs and made a soup with tiger penis and panda ears, yummy.

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021