Xper Xr, Hong Kong, not China

Chinese eat cats

Well what have we here? A cage full of cats ready to be slaughtered, and a fully skinned cat grilling on the barbecue! Fantastic! Chinese food rocks. Now this is a picture that truly says a trillion words: Who ever saids that Art is just a useless after (or during?) dinner table conversation and that the Chinese government wasted some serious hard earned corruption money on it, and in the process denied millions of their own people the opportunity to improve their quality of life, freedom of speech? Well all these problems can be solved by just being non-human; the creation of a zombie nation, eat anything that moves baby. One thing's sure is that we Chinese will never suffer from famine, ever.

I was reading the long list of curators and organising artists involved in this project before I submit my work - I couldn't recognise anyone! I mean, who the fuck are you people and all these 'artists' impostures to claim the deeds in organising this blaspheme? Done anything lately worth who you say you are? Don't think so, in any case don't even try. Denying my entry and ignore my voice wouldn't change jackfreakingshit to your preposterous act and you know it. Run back to your mother China or your closest local China down to regain your confidence as artists, failing that you can try eating a deliciously roasted cat for the love of God, we're all animal deep down, right?

Right. I've also tried photoshop some Chinese text reading "work yo' mama" as the title and put some extra blood red (or may be just dark pink at best) for your benefit. I know this is a really very Chinese thing to do so as a yellow china man I'll do it. No question asked. Shit, are you still reading this? You really like me do you?

P.S. Remember to unleash the cat before the kill as the violent frantic movements and tense adrenalin rush only makes the cat meat more tender and succulent, juicy as fuck. Mmmmm.....

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021