Ingrid van den Brand, Eindhoven - Netherlands

Dear Gao Brothers,

Thank you for inviting me and my work to join you at your "Field of Vision" Project.

I will explain something about my work:

The photographic work " 3 figures and handgloves " is about the situation that people are thinking that they are totally free but the handgloves are still controlling them. And I think in China there are a lot of those situations. At "Untitled 2002 " I visualized a dream... "travelling to China" but it was still a dream. I had no money. So I visualized China as a big red ball. The drawing "Absorbed" reflects that the world is absorbing a lot of people.

In 2005 finally I made that tripp to China and I was shocked to see so many people in Beijng. The Netherlands has about 16 million inhabitants but in China its only Beijng! Other pictures I took on my trip to China last year, so they are a bit documentary for me. Normally I build a scenery for my photographical works but I hope these little documents of my travelling to China is also a good impression.

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last changed: 26. 03. 2021